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So, you came here looking for content? Well, then why don't you ....

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f-ray says'R:E:A:L:I:Z:E.....

......that  this site took the freedom to lay hand on your fate by already deciding upon your immediate future! ' 


Since we appreciate your virtual trust and your effort to guide your browser to this site,  you have been granted A class  future status. All the choices you are being presented with have been individually compiled and deemed highly likely for you at this point of time.


You may now choose your future from these pre-calculated sets as you......

 a) => enter the fray that is me, dear friends and dearest family - [www.f-ray.ch/gallery] <=

 b) => take a glimpse at Rotary Foundation's Group Study Exchange Team 2005 - [www.f-ray.ch/gse2005] <=

  c) => go right over to my sister's site - yes, she does look good, so have a look - [claudia.f-ray.ch] <=

   d) => wander off to the content-less void provided by my cousin JoŽl - [joel.f-ray.ch] <=

    e) => browse the mystery-ridden archives of emeff da flashy - [www.artc0re.ch] <=

    f) => open some more of these windows - [www.f-ray.ch] <=

   g) => cheer yourself up with hofi's daily comic feed - [www.fhofmann.com] <=

   h) => cross-over to Alstom Baden's official b-ball site - [www.badenbasket.ch] <=

  i) => get some Croatian flavour from my man Marijan - [www.detelic.com] <=

 j) => hook me up with some feedback <=




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